Geocaching Tips! (Part 1)

In this blog I will be trying my absolute best to give you the reader some useful geocaching tips, The first tip I can give to you if you are just starting out in the world of geocaching, Is to download one of the many apps for your smart phone, these apps will help you pin point the locations of the caches in your local area, This is the main part of geocaching because without this it will be very hard to find the caches, There are many apps out there for most smart phones which will help you start your geocaching adventures, So get downloading and get yourself out there.

The second tip I can give you is to always carry a compass, The main reason for this is because the point of the cache will be in a direction on a normal compass, So having a compass will really help you find the exact location of the specific cache that you may be trying to find, It will also be useful because it will help you get back home or to where you came from, You should be able to find a general compass online for a very low price so I would advise getting one if you are starting out geocaching.

The third and final tip I can give you is to always carry a torch (flashlight) regardless of the time of day you are out, This is useful because if you are lost for example in the woods and it gets past daylight hours, Then you will be able to find your way out and may even be seen by passers by, Yet again this is another cheap piece of equipment to add to your caching arsenal, There will be a part two to this blog coming in the next few days, Thank you for taking the time to read this from Scott at G4B.

Photo credit-Luke (Admin @ G4B)

Author-Scott(Blogger @ G4B)


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