Geocaching Tips! (Part 2)

Hello and thanks for tuning in to part 2 of my blog all about geocaching tips, In this blog I will be giving you some more useful tips which are perfect if you are a beginner in the world of geocaching, The first tip I can give you in this blog is to always carry basic first aid supplies or even a small kit, This is for use in emergencies because when walking in unfamiliar territory you always need to expect the unexpected, This means basically anything can happen to you, a friend, or even a passer by who may be injured, It is essential because the caches are usually far away from any civilization where you would be able to get help, Again this is a cheap piece of geocaching equipment to add to your growing kit.

My second tip for you is to always pack water and snacks if you are going out for the day, If you know that you are going to be away from any civilization all day long, The main reason for this is because if it is a hot day and you are planning on walking a long distance, Then you will need water as it is a possibility that you or one of your friends can get dehydrated which can lead to much worse, And it is always good to carry snack for energy which you will need if you are on a full day out, This tip is not a necessity and really does depend on the type of person you are, But it is always good to carry so that you cover all the bases.

Another tip I can give you to kick off your geocaching adventures is to always check the weather forecast before you go out, This is because if the cache is far away from you and it is saying possible rain on that day, Then it is not going to be fun walking a long way in the rain, As geocaching is supposed to be an enjoyable experience not a miserable one, Also when its raining you are more likely to fall over as geocaches can sometimes be in hard to reach places e.g muddy forest etc, I hope over these past two blogs you have learnt more about the world of geocaching, And can now get out there knowing you will be safe in most situations, Thank you for reading! from Scott at G4B.

Photo from Google images.

Author-Scott(Blogger @G4B)


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