We want your Pictures!

Are you interested in photography or just enjoy taking nice pictures? Then send them into us here at G4B, Here at G4B we need some new pictures to go at the top of our blogs which will act as the banner for that particular blog, The pictures can range from anything to scenic seaside pictures to city views we do not mind, The pictures we currently use for our blogs have all been taken by the admin of G4B Luke and our mainly of the north Norfolk coast, But we now want to freshen up and add some different sorts of images into the blogs, So we thought why not get the fans involved and show us what they can bring to the table.


So you maybe thinking why should I send my pictures to G4B whats in it for me? Well if you send us a few pictures or even just one to use for our blog, Then we will credit your full name at the end of the blog also we will link your Facebook page or Instagram, as a thank you for letting us use your photography, So if you think you have any pictures that you would like to see on one of our blogs then please send them into our Facebook page, Which is Geocaching For Beginners or our Instagram page which is @geocaching4b, Any pictures we receive our greatly appreciated by myself and the admin Luke, We will also tell you when your particular picture is being used so you can check it out for yourself, Thank you for reading yet again and please come back and read again.

Photo Credit-Luke@G4B

Blog Author-Scott@G4B


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