Thank you!

Myself and Luke would like to thank each and everyone of you that has taken the time out to like our Facebook page, We have now hit 350 likes plus on the page which we are very proud of, And we would like all of you to know that we greatly appreciate your interest in the page, As we are such a small page we never expected to reach this milestone but we will continue to try and improve the page as much as we possibly we can.

This is what Luke the Admin and creator of G4B had to say “I’m really astonished of how far our fan page has come, I thought that we would only get a 100 or so likes but to reach 350 is quite something, I’d like to thank everyone who has made that possible”.

In the upcoming months you can expect a lot more blogs and geocaching tips from us so stay tuned, So from both us at G4B for a final time we say thank you and we hope you carry on the fantastic support for our page.

Blog author-Scott @G4B

Special Credits to Luke (Admin) @G4B @lukemooreg4b


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