Geocaching Acronyms – What Are They?

Have you ever wondered what FTF and TFTC mean? These are called Geocaching Acronyms, they are shortened down terms which are usually written when someone logs that they have found/not found a Geocache. Some of these terms are used just in general when talking about Geocaching.

I thought I would describe them to you so you can understand what they mean.

BYOP – Bring Your Own Pen/Pencil

This is usually written by the Geocache owner on the Geocache description. It means that the Geocacher will need to bring a pen or pencil to sign the log in the Geocache.

CITO – Cache In Trash Out

This is an ongoing initiative which been support by the worldwide Geocaching community since 2002. It means geocachers are dedicated to cleaning parks and other cache friendly areas all over the world. For more information, visit

DNF – Did Not Find

This is a term used by Geocachers when they are unsuccessful in finding the Geocache.

FTF – First To Find

This is used by Geocachers when they find a new Geocache. They either write this on the logbook and or on the Geocache page on the Geocaching website.

GZ – Ground Zero

This is when the GPS shows that you have reached the location of the Geocache. At Ground Zero, you are zero meters/feet away from your destination.

LN – Left Nothing

This is used on the Geocaching website when a Geocacher just signs the Geocache logbook and doesn’t leave anything.

LPC – Lamp Post Cache

It is a common type of Geocache hidden under an unsecured lamp post base.

SL – Signed Log

Simply means that the Geocacher has Signed the Geocache log.

STF – Second To Find

The second Geocacher will use this when they sign the Geocache log online or the physical logbook.

SWAG – Stuff We All Get

These are trade items that are left by Geocachers.

TB – Travel Bug

This is a tag with a unique code that can be attached to an item. The trackable is then carried from cache to cache by different Geocachers. Geocachers use this on the online Geocache log when they have picked up or dropped off a travel bug. For more information, visit

TFTC – Thanks For The Cache

This is written when Geocachers log that they have found the Geocache on the Geocache page online. This is a way of saying thank you to Geocache owner.

TFTH – Thanks For The Hide

Usually written when logging the Geocache online or in the physical logbook as a way of saying thanks to the Geocache owner.

TNLN – Took Nothing, Left Nothing

This is when a Geocacher takes nothing from the Geocache and doesn’t leave anything, just simply signs the Geocache log.

TNLNSL / TNSL – Took Nothing, Left Nothing, Signed Logbook / Took Nothing, Signed Logbook

These are used when logging a Geocache find online on the Geocaching website.

TOTT – Tools Of The Trade

This is an acronym used for any of the tools that might be used to search for/retrieve/find/log a geocache.

I hope this helps you get an understanding of what they mean. They are just some of the Geocaching Acronyms that are used. More Geocaching Acronyms can be found on the GAGB website here –

Thank you for reading my blog post.


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Featured Image – Luke Moore

Geocache Acronym Info – and Luke Moore

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