We are now part of GeoSites North Norfolk

We strive to help people start Geocaching, learn more about its background and also what GPS is and how it works.

We have listed very useful information on the pages to help you understand Geocaching and GPS and we’ve also included a couple of different videos to help you as well.

Want to be part of our website update program?

If that’s a yes, you can do it by helping us with new ideas for the website, whether it be new pages or updating current content, it will be great to hear your ideas.

You can also submit images to feature on our website if you don’t have any ideas for new content.

Any help will be better than nothing.

You can contact us via our contact form on our website or via Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to more information about our website update program, contact us and we will send you a PDF document with more information.

We look forward hearing from you!

We will soon be making a few changes to some of the pages on the website.

We have edited some information on the “Our Team” page as well as adding in a bit more information.

“We have now made a new user friendly contact form. It is more formal and it is in line with blue Geocaching For Beginners theme. It can be viewed here – https://bit.ly/2DZycaR”

If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve removed a couple of pages from our website very recently.

One was a page called “News”, we removed this page as it sitting there empty and not being used for quite a while. It was meant to be for up to date news but we have got a blog for that, so that’s why removed it.

The second page was called “Local Bus Services”, we removed this page as it was not needed from the start. Even though knowing bus times can be handy for a Geocacher, it just wasn’t needed on our site.